Igor Ivanov is the mastermind behind the experimental electronic music project Window, a Montréal based production moniker with three self-released EPs out to date and a cassette upcoming on Crash Symbols. On the other hand, as a visual artist he has developed some interesting discursions as Omega Point (0mpnt.), working on behalf of acts like Teengirl Fantasy and The-Drum. This time, the Montreal based artist introduces us to a complete virtual co-relation between the  medium and the audience, establishing a synthetic ditigal nexus by using a web-player platform videogame, which was released alongside a Windows/Mac application and gameplay demonstration video to illustrate his latest work, Fauna, recently launched independently via Bandcamp. The vibe of the game, available to download here, is surprisingly pleasant: geometrical landscapes full of glow, colorful skies and different glitch-shaped 3D forms plus a beautiful soundtrack laying behind everything. Very recommendable. By Allan Vizzuett for Decoder Magazine.

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