Løb Stop Stå by Boom Clap Bachelors


BOOM CLAP BACHELORS is a collective of live musicians, producers and DJs from Copenhagen. The collective was formed in 2005 when they released a self-titled debut album. Members of Boom Clap Bachelors count Ronni Vindahl, David Cytryn, Robin Hannibal, Nicholas Koch and Thomas Bisballe.


The music ranges from electronica, techno and broken beats to disco, futuristic soul and hip hop. Boom Clap Bachelors also beyond their own projects have been involved in projects including Nobody beats the beats, Per V, MC Clemens, Owusu / Hannibal, Non + and Quadron. After meeting Boom Clap Bachelors in Copenhagen took the English DJ and BBC radio host Gilles Peterson track “Combiner” with the compilation “Brownswood Bubblers Vol. 2”, which was released on his own label Brownwood. “Combiner” was also the first single from the album “Just Before Your Lips”, which was released in late January 2008. Further, their song “Time Flies”, was used as a sample in the American rapper, Kendrick Lamars song “Bitch Do not Kill My Vibe”.


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