55 Shades of Blue

55 Shades of Blue April 24,2011 Playlist


Pure X “Back Where I Began”
Sleep Over “Casual Diamond”
Zola Jesus “Dog”
Julianna Barwick “Cloak”
Nosaj Thing “Lords”
Ssaliva “West End”
Ducktails “Airless”
The Fun Years “Cornelia Amygdaloid”
Belong “Keep Still”
Deaf Center “Hunted Twice”
Motion Sickness of Time Travel “Telepathy”
Valet “We Went There”
Echospace “Abraxas”
Burial “NYC”
Rene Hell “Juliard op.66”
Terry Riley “A Rainbow In Curved Air”
Dominik Eulberg “Der Purpurrote Sonnenuntergang….”
Skirt “In The Meadow Under The Stars”
Blir “Track 19”
Aidan Baker “K”
Lullatone “Wooden Toy Trumpet”
Grouper “Alien Observer”

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